What is the Covid vaccine IP waiver issue?

The world is facing the biggest global pandemic of the 21st century so far. Many countries have faced two or more waves of Coronavirus. It has been a real concerning issue for all parts of the world where mankind exists. The one positive development in this direction is the vaccines developed by various organizations or government agencies around the world. They are the only way that we can prevent the widespread of Covid-19 that we know to date. Still, it has not been able to eliminate the virus from the globe completely. It is not like the vaccines are entirely incapable of eliminating Coronavirus from major parts of the world, but it’s other challenges that are obstructing the way.

How to avoid patent infringement lawsuits?

There are hundreds of thousands of patents filled all around the world every year. That means that sometimes it may be possible that you might be manufacturing or selling something that you do not know is someone’s intellectual property. Imagine waking up someday with a patent infringement notice at your doorstep. We can understand the kind of situation it will become for you as patent infringement cases can become really hectic and expensive. To top it up, it is also time-consuming and might take years to resolve. But panic can only worsen the situation, and the only thing that can save you at such times is the right information.

How can IP conferences help you grow in the IP industry?

Conferences are a perfect place for generating some good business along with the knowledge that you get there. The concept of conferences is not new at all, and businesses have been leveraging through conferences for several decades now. The idea seems to be working well even in the third decade of the 21st century. All the major businesses globally give good importance to attending conferences in order to create a good network and to learn the new trends in their industry. The same goes for the Intellectual Property (IP)industry. 

Branding opportunities in the IP conferences

The last article was about how IP conferences can help you grow your IP businesses. We also talked about the branding opportunities in the article and gave a brief idea of them. This article will walk you through the different branding opportunities in the IP conferences. You will also discover why you should grab these branding opportunities and how to do the same for optimum results in favor of your business. You need to consider various factors if you want to get the best out of such conferences. It is not all about making your brand visible at the conference, and it is a lot more than that.