Day 1 : January 17, 2023

IP Licensing : From protecting IP to promoting partnerships
Digital Economy : IP challenges and How to address them ?
5IR (Industry Revolution) & Intellectual Property
Open innovation: Is this A shift to new IP models ?
Developments and Management of your IP strategy: Collaboration, Protection, Litigation
IPR in Defi, NFTs, Metaverse, DAO

Day 2 : January 18, 2023

Patents : Safeguarding your Intellectual Property Rights
Brand protection and security challenges: Securing your IP
IP Challenges in Future of IoT
Trademark squatting : Protecting Trademark across borders
Protecting your Designs, Brands and Trademarks
AI and Copyright: Text and Data Mining

Day 3 : January 19, 2023

IP protection in the era of open source and multi-cloud
Copyright & Trademark: New Age Strategies in the Digital Era
Interraction Between Designs, Copyright, and Trade Dress—Overlapping or Coexisting?
IP & Blockchain – A match made in Heaven
Managing international trademark portfolios in the Age of Globalization
Innovation and IP – Protecting Trade Secrets